Mavin Activated

Recently, one of Nigeria’s largest record labels, Mavin Records, signed on 3 new acts:

My favorite, P.O.E, Johnny Drille, and the DNA twins (L-R)

I’m so excited to watch the Mavin family grow, even more to hear a song with the entire Mavin family!

Earlier this week, Johnny Drille released his first music video under the Mavin label. The song is called ‘Wait for me‘. As always, it’s a soulful romantic song with the sweet sounding voice of Johnny.

The DNA twins also dropped a hit, which I am currently obsessing over. It’s so catchy! I was editing photos for work and had it playing on repeat! It’s called ‘How Can‘ and features a harmonization with Don Jazzy’s unique voice.

I think it’s amazing that Don Jazzy is giving young hopefuls a chance to grow and “blow” in the Nigerian music industry. More grease to your elbows, sir.

Long Live Mavin!





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