Video Recipe: Nigerian Jollof Rice

That awkward moment when you realize that you don’t have a detailed jollof recipe on your blog. I had to fix that ASAP!

I hear a lot of people saying that making jollof rice is really hard and complicated. I can see why anyone would think that. Perfect jollof is really dependent on the proportions of ingredients you use. Some people put too much rice, or too much water, or not enough tomato sauce. Either of these mistake can end in a pot of disaster. Starting small and building up is key for me. For instance, after making the tomato sauce, I pour in a little  rice and mix it thoroughly, if the sauce overpowers the rice, I know there’s room to add a bit more rice. It’s better to add a little and build up on ingredients, you can fix that easily. But if you start off with too much, it’s harder to fix.

Rice. It’s also really important to choose the rice carefully. I’ve tried a bunch of rice varieties, and I find that long grain rice works best for me. If there’s Uncle Ben’s or a store brand version, that’s always my pick!

I’m by no means a master of jollof, but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. The first time I ever made jollof was in my junior (3rd) year of Uni. I started making it and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I just followed what I remembered my Aunties doing.  Thankfully, and surprisingly, it turned out edible and tasty. No one, till date knows that was my first attempt. You know those moments where you nailed something, and you really don’t know how? Yeah, that was me.

This video breaks down the steps in making jollof rice (the Nigerian way). If you rather I did a written recipe, let me know, and I’ll post one.





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