Lesson 2

This morning, while I was getting ready for my appointment at the bank, I watched episodes of The Big Bang Theory- Sheldon is a piece of work! One of the episodes really resonated with me. In that episode, Sheldon planned a surprise visit to his mother’s house while he and Howard visited Texas.
As he knocked on the door, he saw his mother, butt-naked engaging in coitus with a man he had never seen before. This was particularly hurtful to Sheldon after losing his father at 14, and because his mother had preached the gospel to him all the days of his life. She fit the description of a “perfect” Christian but there she was fornicating. He just couldn’t understand it. How was she doing something she’s spent her whole life preaching against?
A few days ago, on my bus trip home, I was thinking about how hard it is for me to take some Christians seriously when they talk about God when I know “what they did last summer.” To me, I just saw it as hypocrisy. Like how can you be in bed with a man that’s not your husband one day, and the next day, you’re preaching the gospel? I prayed that God would help me better understand, and open my eyes to a new way of thinking.
I always thought that only sinless Christians should preach the gospel. But news flash Adamara, there’s no such thing. Everyday we go against the will of God, but that doesn’t make us bad people, it makes us human. The most important thing is to acknowledge our wrongdoings, ask for forgiveness and DO BETTER. That doesn’t mean we can just go out, sin, and ask for forgiveness, and everything will be ice cream. We have to repent AND work to be better people, better Christians.
I’ve definitely had a hard time coming to terms with this and it’s beyond crazy how one episode of a show can change my perspective. It’s crazy how God can talk to us in the most uncanny ways.

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