A Fruit Called Fruit

Growing up we had a huge tree outside our gate. During the harmattan, its leaves covered the grounds. Red, green, brown, everywhere. It reminded me of the American fall season. In the rainy season, the tree blossomed and bore fruit. In the initial stages, it’s green and bitter (don’t eat it before it ripens. I did, and my tummy suffered the consequences), then it grows bigger and turns yellow/ burgundy, depending on the tree.


The fruit has 4 layers; the first is the skin. Then the flesh which is followed by a large seed. Crack open the seed with a stone or a pestle and you’ll find a hidden treasure- a nut very similar to an almond, but better.

Terminalia_catappa_fruits_at_various_stages_of_ripeness-1 tropical almond

Every year, I looked forward to eating this fruit called fruit… Yes, I said fruit called fruit. That’s what I grew up calling it, we all did. But today, my curiousity lead me to carry out some research and I found out that this fruit I called fruit all my life is actually an Indian Almond also called tropical almond, and scientifically, Terminalia catappa. Eh! Fruit sounds better to me!


For more information on this fruit, please click here.

Disclaimer: All images are gotten from Google.com


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