Chukwudi and the Officer

Narrator: Story story

Children: Stoooooory

Narrator: Once upon a time

Children: Time time

Narrator: There was a man named Chukwudi. Growing up, he hoped to relocate to the United States and start a new life there. Month after month, Chukwudi would stand in line under the hot Lagos sun waiting for his turn to see a consulate officer. Month after month, Chukwudi’s visa applications were denied.

Children: Awww. Uncle, so what happened next?

Narrator: Well, he decided to take a different approach. He got a visitor’s visa to Mexico. Upon arriving Mexico, Chukwudi made arrangements with some locales to board a commercial bus that would take him across the border to the United States. A few days elapsed and it was time for Chukwudi to board this “one chance” bus. This was particularly risky because he had no immigration papers. As the bus approached the border control, Chukwudi got more nervous, so nervous that his stomach began to rumble. It growled loudly and uncontrollably. At this point, Chukwudi decided to go to the restroom. While he was taking care of business in the restroom, the bus reached the border control. Several immigration officers got on the bus to make sure each passenger had the adequate documentation required to enter the United States.

Children: But Uncle he had no papers! What did he do?

Narrator: Since a record of each passenger was kept, when the officer approached Chukwudi’s seat and didn’t find him, he asked other passengers where he was. They pointed in the direction of the restroom. The officer knocked on the door, asking for Chukwudi’s documents. Chukwudi responded saying that he would bring it out once he finished from the restroom. As the officer stood outside the door waiting for Chukwudi, he became more and more nervous, and his bowels became more nervous too! The smell was pungent. So pungent that the officer could no longer contain himself. He told Chukwudi to forget about the papers and he immediately ran off the bus. The bus driver continued the journey and they soon arrived the United States. Chukwudi’s bowels saved his life!

Children: *Laughs*



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