Three operational branches in less than a year is fascinating – Aliyu Abubakar Tafida

Another Youth Spotlight… none other than Aliyu Tafida! He’s one of my entrepreneurial inspirations in Nigeria.



Aliyu Abubakar Tafida is a 24 years old Ceo of a food processing and supply company called Quickshake.He has a BSc in Information Technology and MSc in Management and International business with Finance. In this interview, with over four quickshake operational outlets already and counting, he reflected on the birth of his company, challenges, expansion, vision and lifestyle. Enjoy.

How business started for you?
I started business formally when I was 19 . A friend of mine wanted to sell his car and I thought I could find a buyer for him. I wasn’t really serious about it but it was fun having such money. But yeah… I also got involved with a furniture company.

How did the idea of opening quickshake come about?
I was rounding up my masters and wanted coming back to Nigeria to establish a brand. At first I was thinking of franchising a UK or…

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