No/ Low Carb Diet

This post is inspired by two of my favorite guys who decided to go on no/low carb diets to get in shape for spring break and graduation. I have to say that they didn’t think this through, they didn’t even plan for the diet change. They just jumped into it. Now, they are hungry lol!

I’m not one to go on diets, but for people who do, here are some Nigerian meals that have little or no carbs.

Unripe Plantain Porridge


Fish pepper soup


Beans Pottage


Moi-Moi/ Akara 

Vegetable Soup (with no oil)


Grilled Chicken with stir fry vegetables


Brown Rice Jollof


Sweet Potato and Egg sauce

Potato recipes nigeria

Roasted Plantain (Boli) and Stewed goat meat/chicken/fish/beef

boli and fish 3

Good luck on your diet!!




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