Puff Puff

Back home, we call it kpof kpof… emphasis on the kpof.

This is probably one of my favorite small chops (appetizers). They’re so sweet and soft on the inside.

With rapid rise yeast, I can whip up a batch of these in about 30 minutes.

I’ve tried several methods, but this here is the best so far…

What You’ll need: (I don’t really use measurements)

  1. Plain/All purpose flour (NEVER SELF-RISING FLOUR)
  2. Active Yeast (rapid rise is preferred)
  3. Sugar
  4. Nutmeg
  5. Warm water (hot water kills the yeast, cold water does not activate it)
  6. A pinch of salt
  7. Cooking Oil (Olive, Canola, Vegetable, almost any oil works)

My Method

I put in all the dry ingredients into a bowl; flour, sugar, salt, yeast, and nutmeg. I use my hands to mix them all together.

After that, I gradually pour in the warm water and mix. Keep mixing until I have a sticky consistency– not runny, not stiff. It has to be sticky.

I then cover the mixture with foil and let it sit for a while. (With rapid rise yeast 10-20 minutes, with regular yeast, up to an hour).

After the mix rises, I put the oil in a deep pot and heat it up. Be careful not to let the oil get too hot, the puffs won’t cook all the way.

People mold their puffs with a spoon, I prefer to use my hands. You’ll need a bowl of water for this.

I carefully drop the dough into the heated oil and watch it go all the way to the bottom and come up. Let it fry until it’s a perfect golden brown color, just like me!

When they’re done, I put them on a strainer or paper towel to remove excess oil.


Here’s a video tutorial from All Nigerian Food Recipes YouTube Channel. They have the measurements in the description box if you need it!


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