Hi guys! Creating these posts teaches me new things. Today, I learned that icheku  is called black velvet tamarind in English. I just thought it was natural vitamin C lol.

This post is inspired by some of my favorite childhood memories. I remember when my uncles would return from the east (typically Enugu) with bags filled with icheku. I would be so excited! You would find me sitting in the backyard or watching TV snacking on icheku. I remember saving up the seeds and planting them with my cousin. Unfortunately, they built a fence on my little icheku trees.

A little background on icheku. They are small and round with a black velvet she’ll that when cracked open reveals a velvety orange “thing” that you suck on until it dissolves and exposes a tiny brown seed. I’ve swallowed many of these seeds. My mom used to tell me an icheku tree would grow on my head for swallowing the seeds. Sad thing is, I believed her.

These velvet tamarinds are mostly sweet, rarely sour and have a lot of nutritional value. Check here for more details on how nutritious tamarinds are.


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