Spotlight: Fatima Mamza


This post is highlighting Fatima Mamza, a renouned makeup artist in Nigeria. She’s one of my makeup idols from back home.

Fatima Mamza is a graduate of Biochemistry who after working at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) decided to pursue a more passion-oriented career in makeup artistry.

In an interview with City People Nigeria, she disclosed that the secret to her success is “flawless makeup”. She further explained that she always tries to give her clients a flwaless and natural finish.

She is currently the official Makeup Artist (MUA) for the First Lady of Nigeria.

Here are some photos of Fatima’s clients from her instagram page @mamzabeauty

I hope Fatima’s story inspires our youth to think outside the box, and take a leap of faith by doing something different. You  don’t have to be a chemist because you have a degree in chemistry, you can start your own interior design company!

Do what you love, and make the most of it!


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