Upkaka or Ugba

Welcome back to my blog!

This is another craving post, I really want some of my Aunty’s Ugba right now! It’s the best I’ve ever had! Okay, I might be a little homesick.

Let’s back track a little. Ugba is simply the seeds of oilbeans. Here’s what it looks like in the beginning:


It is then cut and left to ferment before it is cooked. Here’s what it looks like before cooking:


It’s typically eaten by the Igbos and Efiks of Nigeria. The Imo Igbos call it Ugba, the Anambra Igbos call it Ukpaka, and the Efiks call it Ukana. For more information on the oilbean seeds (chemical composition and nutritional  value) click HERE

Ugba can be eaten in a variety of ways which include: The African Salad method and Yam porridge method. There are probably other ways of preparing Ugba, but these two I am most familiar with.

This is what the African Salad method looks like (Click HERE and HERE for the recipes)


And here’s what the Yam Porridge version looks like:


Click HERE for the recipe.

Here’s what my Aunty’s Ugba (from our Christmas feast) looks like:


Try it sometime and let me know what you think!




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