Movie Review: If Tomorrow Never Comes


If Tomorrow Never Comes is another YN production, directed by Pascal Amanfo. This movie features the likes of Yvonne Nelson, Deyemi Okalawon (from GidiUp), David Dontoh, Kweku Elliot, Khareemah Aguiar, and Becca.

Yvonne was the key promoter of this movie. During it’s release and premiere, she blasted instagram with promotional posts. The little clips she uploaded were very inviting, I couldn’t wait to watch it!

“The new movie tells an epic story of a young girl, Ewurabana, who was sold into slavery by her wicked uncle after her mother died leaving her and her kid brother in the village.

She went through all kinds of inhumane treatments at the hands of her handlers. There was even an attempt on her life, but she escaped to the city to hawk in the streets as her only means of survival.

A lot happened in the streets till a miracle eventually catapulted her into a powerful figure in society. She now narrates her sad story to the world. “- PulseTV

Finally, I watched it last weekend, and to be quite honest, I didn’t really enjoy it. The story line had so much potential but it was missing many key details, it almost seemed rushed.

As always Yvonne and Deyemi slayed their roles. However, some of the other acts seemed unnatural, this seems to be a trend in many movies though.

Overall, I would rate this movie 6 out of 10.

Watch it (it’s available on irokoTV) and tell me what you think!


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