Plantains… All day, Every day

Dear Readers,

Please join me in celebrating this awesome creation!! All hail plantains!! LOL!

Plantains can be eaten in so many ways! A few of my favorites are:

Fried Plantains AKA Dodo (Nigeria) or koko (Ghana): They can be cut diagonally or diced into cubes.

images Plantain-600x398

Roasted Plantain AKA Boli- pronouced ball-e (Nigeria)

images-2 images-3

Boiled Plantains (with stew/sauce): You can choose to peel it or just leave the skin on


Plantain Fritters


Plantain Porridge

plantain porridge, noodles 036porridge-plantain

Plantain Chips


I added the links with recipies for anyone that wants to try these techniques out (click the name of the dish). If you do, please let me know how it goes and send me pictures of the end results!



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