Roasted corn and Pear


Roasted corn and pear! Oh! The love I have for thee! haha!


The snack in the picture above is roasted corn and nigerian pears. In my native language it’s called ube (pear) na-oka (corn). This is one of my favorite things to eat off roadside kiosks. My mom got me hooked to this many many years ago. She would buy corn and pears on her way back from work and we’d sit down together, watch TV, and talk while we ate the snack. I also loved eating corn and pears on cold rainy days while I listened to the rain.

The nigerian pears are rich in Vitamins C and E and both vitamins are said to contain antioxidant mineral which helps in slowing down aging process and maintaining healthy skin. Like most other fruits, it has also been noted to particularly have high calcium content and can supply the daily requirement for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.

Whenever you visit Nigeria, you have to try ube na-oka!


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