Nigerian Youth Spotlight: Vivian Okezie

Hello Beautiful People!


This post features the Best Upcoming Makeup Artist in Nigeria (NTCA 2015), my friend and sister, Vivian Okezie! Viv and I have come a long way! We’ve been friends for about 10 years now (oh, how time flies!)

Growing up I never really pictured viv as a makeup artist, she enjoyed dressing up more. She started off just trying to look cute (for the man dem lol) and gradually developed her skills to this point.

My favorite thing about Viv is that she accepts criticism and advice with open arms- she wants to know what to do to get better. That’s an amazing quality to have as an artist and a person.

I can proudly say that I am one of her #1 fans! I have watched every single one of her videos, multiple times.

Viv is an inspiration to me, and many other youths out there. From her, I have learned to follow my dreams and to do what I love without forgetting the important things in life.

I strongly encourage you to watch her videos and subscribe to her channel, you might learn a few new tricks!

P.S: Sorry, I got a bit emotional with this post, I have mad love for Viv.

Here’s the link to her YouTube Page: Vivian Okezie

Thank you!



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