News Flash: What is going on in Nigeria?

News Flash: What is going on in Nigeria?

On Monday we all heard the sad news about the bomb blast in a motor park in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. Now, we are hearing reports that over a hundred girls have been abducted from a school in North-Eastern Nigeria, Borno State to be precise.

For how long is this going to continue?

What is our government doing to ensure the safety of Nigerians?

We can’t continue living in fear.

Something needs to be done, IMMEDIATELY before the situation gets completely out of hand.

The fact that these attacks have escalated to this level still baffles me. Right after the first attack, extreme measures to apprehend the culprits should have been taken and not merely blocking roads and “searching” the trunks of cars.

This year alone, over one thousand innocent Nigerian lives have been wasted as a result of these attacks.

Goodluck Jonathan and the rest of the Nigerian government need to sit up and do whatever it takes to put a stop to these terrorist attacks.

My fellow Nigerians, we have sat down and hoped for ‘a better tomorrow’ long enough! It’s time to take action! Hope without action is void.

I pray that God protects the girls that have been affected and that they all return home safely.

God help us!




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