I Will Call Him Sochukwuma: Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Problem

A beautiful peice by an exceptional writer, Chimamanda Adichie.


I have never been a gay rights advocate, but always a human rights advocate. I have found it very difficult to write on Nigeria’s anti-gay law. It’s heartbreaking. Gut-wrenching are the reports of mass attacks on “suspected” gay individuals. It just seems so 1465. Seriously, Nigeria? Are you serious? CAN WE HAVE LIGHT NOW? Now that we’ve taken care of the most pressing legislative issue, can we have consistent power supply? Now that we’ve criminalized our “deviant” brothers and our sisters, can our children receive an education? Now that we’ve devised a method for identifying gay people in the street, can we purify our water supply? Now that we’ve ensured that no man will express his love for another man, can we provide lemongrass and wormwood to the population and eliminate malaria? Now that we’ve sent homosexuals running into the shadows, can we refine all of our own oil? I…

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